Zhejiang Hanbang Chemical Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, located in Chinese sweater city base - Tongxiang Economic Development Zone, and for many years engaged in research and development, production and sales of textile chemical products, currently has a pretreatment agent, dyeing auxiliaries and finishing agent, functional finishing agents, auxiliaries for wool and spun silk yarn processing agent, silicone sealant the construction and protection of waterproof and protective materials curing agent such as hundreds of varieties, enjoys a high reputation in china. Company earlier through the ISO9001 quality management system demonstration.

In recent years, technology and products to increase R & D investment, and built a laboratory building, the establishment of a special R & D department, and institutions with more colleges and universities to establish a long-term technical cooperation, research and Development Center - ecological textile chemicals - provincial high-tech Hanbang new textile auxiliaries and Zhejiang Jiaxing sweater industry technology innovation service platform two professional R & D institutions set up in Hanbang chemical company, has laid a solid foundation for enterprise technological progress and product development.

Hanbang chemical industry in the new period of development, will be extended to expand upstream, downstream, new ideas of horizontal development, is committed to the development of new fields, new materials and new products. To provide customers with unique value, excellent step by step products, to promote the customer and our harmonious win-win situation, common development.

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